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Panduit's extensive line of cable cleat solutions ensures cables remain contained in the event of a short circuit fault, minimizing disruption and damage to personnel and property. Uniquely engineered for ease of installation in a range of applications and harsh environments, Panduit has the right product to fit your needs while providing on the job productivity, reliability and safety.

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Why Panduit Cable Cleats?

The industry's first solution that has streamlined the selection process, tested to IEC standards bringing the vision of creating an engineering specifiable products to the EPC and Contractor firms.

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Cable Cleats Overview

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Cable Cleat Selection at your fingertips

Selecting the right Cable Cleat has never been so easy! Available on, iOS, and Adroid devices, the Cleat kAlculatorâ„¢ streamlines the selection process to quickly determine the right cable cleat without the lengthy engineering consultation with 3 simple steps. Download today!

Featured Cleats Products

Stainless Steel Trefoil Cable Cleat

Stainless Steel Trefoil Cable Cleat

The Stainless Steel Trefoil Cable Cleat offers protection against extreme environments and high short circuit current faults.

Stainless Steel Buckle Strap Cleat

Stainless Steel Buckle Strap Cleat

The Stainless Steel Buckle Strap Cleat is an effective option for protecting against high short circuit fault current requirements in harsh environments.

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BT2HTI Installation Tool

The BT2HTI is a ratchet-style installation tool, allowing for high tension with minimal effort. This manually-operated tool is used to install Buckle Strap Cleats.

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Cable Cleats Installation Videos

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Polymer Trefoil Installation Video

Aluminum One & Two-Hole Cleat Installation Video

Aluminum Trefoil Cleat Installation Video

Download our white paper and get to know what a short circuit event is, the impact short circuits can have on your facility, and how to mitigate their effects through the use of cable cleats.

Cable Cleats for Short Circuit Protection Guide

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